Website Content

It is not enough to just have a website in today’s market. It is not enough to have a great-looking website, either. Your website needs to stand apart from everyone else who is marketing in your field of law, and, ideally, it should be the first website that people see when they search for an attorney in your field.

Your website content should be original and written solely for your site. There should be no duplication anywhere on the web. This means that if you are using statutes to illustrate practice areas they must be paraphrased and written in your own words so that there is no duplication of content that appears on other websites. Although writing original material for a subject matter that has already been written and published on hundreds of other websites can be challenging, it is necessary for copyright purposes and so you do not take a hit in the search engines for having duplicative content.

Punctuation, grammar, and writing style make a difference. No one wants to hire an attorney who can’t use proper English, and if there is one mistake buried in your website a potential client is bound to see it. Also, like your blog posts, your website content should reflect your or your law firm’s unique personality.

Whether you need to add a section to your site, refresh and update the information you already have on your site, or start from scratch with content for your new site, we can write SEO optimized original content for your website at a price you can afford.