Website and Blog Design

QLW can provide as much or as little support for your website or blog as you need. We can build a brand new site for your firm, optimized for searches based on your practice areas and geographic area, or we can take your old website that is not performing as well as you would like and give it a much-needed make-over. We can provide ongoing support, maintenance, and updates to your site based on your specific needs.

Examples of things that should be included in your law firm’s website:

  • A visually stunning front page: Although you can if you want, we don’t recommend using the same stock photographs that every other law firm has on their websites. Be creative, use real photography or artwork, and make sure that your site stands out from the ten other websites that your potential client just looked at.
  • Lots of relevant content that is easy to navigate: If you specialize in one practice area, break it down into sub-categories or subjects that people will be searching for. If you specialize in more than one practice area, break each of them down into sub-categories and have a page for each one. Make the content more informative and less like an advertisement, and your website could become a resource that people return to and refer others to.
  • Attorney and support staff pictures and bios: Potential clients want to see who they are talking to. They want to know your background and experience before they make the phone call. Most importantly, people are more likely to trust you if they know who you are and what you look like.
  • Representative cases: Keeping in mind your state’s applicable ethics rules, include a representative cases page with results achieved in a representative sample of the type of cases that you or your firm handle. You can use initials for client names, include appropriate disclaimers, take care not to reveal any confidential or identifying information, and still have an impressive list of cases for potential clients to look over. When a potential client sees a case like theirs on your representative cases page, it goes a long way towards helping them feel more comfortable calling you.
  • Unique services: Include any services or features of your law practice that are unusual or not offered by other firms in your area – set yourself apart from the rest at every opportunity. For example, if you employ an investigator in your office, devote a section of your site to the services they provide and what it could mean to the client’s case.
  • Blog feed: Include a blog feed that provides regular updates each time you write a blog post. Your blog can be separate from your website but connected by the RSS feed, or your blog can be integrated into your website with blog posts appearing on the front page.