Trial Consulting and Trial Support

QLW offers in-office or remote assistance with trial prep, including cross-examination prep for critical witnesses who will testify at trial or pre-trial hearings and in-office trial prep using psychodramatic methods such as re-enactments and role-reversal.

Cross-examination prep can be done remotely, and will necessarily include or follow issue identification and research of the relevant issues. It should also incorporate your case’s themes, theories, and story. Although in-office prep is always more effective, we can instead provide a written draft of cross-examination questions for the witness that is focused on the elements of the case that need to be proven and danger points that need to be mitigated.

Obviously, you still have quite a bit of work to do in preparation for any cross-examination and you are not going to simply read cross-examination questions to the witness. Having this tool at your disposal will save you time, give you a second set of eyes to spot potential issues, and will allow you to take your own preparation much further than if you had started from scratch.

In-office trial prep using psychodramatic methods is critical for finding the emotional core of your case, finding the story, identifying the strengths and danger points of the case, and preparing key witnesses for testimony. Depending on our goals and the issues present in the case, it may be done with or without the client either in your office or at a meeting place of your choosing.

Using psychodramatic techniques in trial prep inevitably leads to a deeper understanding of your client and their case. It can dramatically improve your ability to communicate the core of your case to jurors. It can help you, your client, and your witnesses to connect with jurors. In many cases, it can dramatically increase the damages that may be awarded to your client at trial or in a settlement prior to trial. If your client is facing prison or worse as a consequence of a conviction, use of psychodramatic methods prior to trial may give you the insight and ability that you need to save them.

Bobby Frederick has trained at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming beginning in 2009 and has spent hundreds of hours training with certified psychodramatists. He has used these methods successfully in trials, pre-trial proceedings, and to obtain dismissals in cases in his own practice.