legal content writer


My name is Bobby Frederick. I am a former attorney and I closed my law practice in September of 2015. As an attorney, I owned my own office with several paralegals, investigators, and associate attorneys. I practiced mostly criminal defense with some police misconduct cases and maintained a busy trial practice for over ten years. I’ve included a more in-depth profile on the QLW site here.

I have no interest in practicing law anymore. I moved to the N.C. mountains with my family and at the moment I am enjoying the space, the peace, and the slow pace of not being a trial lawyer with an office to manage. Since my “retirement,” I have begun ghost-writing for attorneys, including website content, briefs, and blog posts. I have also made myself available for trial prep workshops using psychodramatic techniques, which has been an invaluable resource for some of the attorneys I have worked with.

If you or your firm needs to generate quality content for your website or blog, needs a website or blog, or needs reliable legal research done, send me an email with details and I will help if I can. If you have any questions or concerns about myself or QLW, please let me know.