Ghost Blogging

Most attorneys know or have heard that they need to have a blog to remain competitive in today’s market and that a well-written and regularly updated blog is necessary to keep even the best websites on top of the search engines. When QLW writes your blog’s content, you may pick the topics or we can choose the topics that are most relevant and most likely to give you results. Each article or blog post should be a collaboration between the ghost writer and client, and you can request reasonable revisions at no additional cost.

There are several ways that QLW can help you to maintain an online presence and get your site in front of the people that need to see it. We can write content for your pre-existing blog, set up your blog and make it ready for you to write your own content, or set up your blog and ensure that it is updated regularly with current and relevant articles that will appear when people search online for attorneys in your practice areas and location.

Blogging Style

There are many different blogging styles that can be equally effective, and it is important to match your blog’s voice to your own personality or your firm’s collective personality. We will write your articles in the style that you are most comfortable with that best represents you and your law firm.

Most blog posts should be about relevant news stories, recent appellate opinions, or pending legislation that is related to your practice area. We ask you to give us as much input as possible into the content of your blog and to take a moment to review, approve, and adopt the final product before or soon after publication. The more input you have, the more your blog will reflect you and your firm’s personality and views.


All inquiries and all work done for our clients are treated with the utmost confidentiality. Although we appreciate referrals made to us by current clients, no one needs to know that you are employing a ghost blogger unless you choose to tell them.

Original Content

Your content is 100% original and is written for you alone. When it is completed and turned over to you or published on your blog, you own all rights to the content and the author will never re-use your content.

No-Pay Guarantee

For smaller projects, such as ghost-writing a blog post or a single page of website content, you do not pay for your content until it has been completed and approved by you. You are welcome to request one or more reasonable revisions before paying for the content. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the content, you are not obligated to pay for it. You are not required to sign a contract, there are no obligations on your part, and you can walk away at any time if you are not 100% satisfied.